How to create perfect hybrid brows in 5 easy steps

07.06.2022 von Sima Ahmed

The hybrid dye is the new trend in eyebrow tinting world. Here's why: The hybrid dye tints the eyebrows faster and leaves a more intense imprint on the skin. The hybrid dye comes close to the Henna effect. The regular dye belongs to the past if you ask me. After the positive response to my blog: How to create perfect henna brows in 5 easy steps. I decided to also create a 5 easy steps for perfect hybrid brows. Keep reading if you are interested <3

The hybrid dye 

Before we start with the 5 easy steps to create hybrid brows. I' ll first tell you more about the dye itself. Hybrid dye has a gel-like substance and is created with a cream oxidant. The dye colors the hair and skin. The color can last up to 7 weeks on the hair and up to 7 days on the skin. The hybrid dye is free of ammonia, free of parabens, animal testing. The dye can also be used on lashes.


Brow & Lash Dye Kit

Our hybrid kit contains everything you need to dye the most beautiful brows and lashes. The kit contains:

  • 6 colors: Auburn, Ash, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black
  • 4 Oxidant Developers
  • Medium Angled Brow Brush
  • Color Corrector
  • Pro Cleanser

Follow the instructions that come with the Brow & Lash Dye Starter Kit or take our free or Certified Brow & Lash Dye course if you want to go deeper into the material. 



I can already hear you thinking. Yes I will keep repeating myself: Don't forget to do a patch test 48 hours in advance! It is important to do a patch test because dyes contain the dye PPD. You can be allergic to this substance. Therefore we recommend you to do a test behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow 48 hours in advance. If there is no redness, swelling or itching then it is safe to use. Also, we always advise against using dye on pregnant women and people undergoing chemotherapy.  

How to pick the right color

We currently offer 6 different eyebrow colors. You can mix and match the colors to create the perfect shade. To help you out I've explained the colors and matching skin types below: 

Light brown: This is our lightest color, suitable for blondes and brunettes for a subtle look. 

Auburn: This is a red color, suitable for redheads. If you want to create a warm color? Always mix this color with another color to avoid a too warm undertone. 

Ash: This is an ash shade, suitable for a more cool undertone. Can be used on blondes and brunettes.

Medium brown: Suitable for brunettes and Mediterranean types. Can also be used on blondes who want a dramatic brow look. 

Dark brown: Suitable for Mediterranean skin tones and darker skin types. Also used to dye the eyelashes when someone wants a natural eyelash look.

Black: Suitable for dark skin and for eyelashes.


Supercilium hybrid brow dye in 5 easy steps

1.  Always start with preparing the Brow & Lash dye, so the dye can sit and develop. The mix ratio is 1:1. Mix until you have a smooth paste. Wait a minute before you start using it. 

In the meantime, cleanse the brow area/lash with the Supercilium Pro Cleanser. Use the Supercilium Prep Peel Gel to remove excess sebum, makeup and dead skin cells from the skin. This ensures that you have a perfect base before applying the dye and extends the life of the brow dye treatment. 

How to use it? Apply one pea-sized drop to each brow, massage gently into the brow for 15 seconds and gently remove with a cotton pad with Supercilium Pro Cleanser. If needed, double cleanse the brow by using Color-booster to degrease the skin and hair. Dry the hairs with a dry cotton pad.

2. To create the perfect shape, using brow paste prior to the dye is a must. Apply a thin layer of Brow Paste to the area around the eyebrows. No clue how to map out the perfect brow shape? Then take our course to learn all the ins and outs about Brow Mapping. 

3. Use a Medium Angled Brush, to apply the dye paste evenly to the eyebrows. Start with a thin layer and fill in the eyebrows until they are completely covered with the dye. Gently dye the skin by pulling up the eyebrow hairs. If you accidentally tinted the skin, apply a small amount of Color Correcter to a cotton swab and remove your mistake right away. This is because the hybrid dye soaks in quickly. 

4. The processing time for eyebrows is 8-20 min, depending on the desired result: the more intense you want the color and tint effect, the more time you need. Keep in mind that colors always picks up differently on each client. This has to do with hair structure, hair volume and skin type. Below is a schedule that can be used as an indication time

For an ombre effect, after 3-5 minutes remove only the front of the eyebrows with a damp cotton pad.

Light effect: For a light tint effect, remove the rest of the tint after 8-10 minutes to give your client a softer and more natural effect.

Statement look: If your client wants a stronger, more statement look, remove the tint after 10-15 minutes.

Extra bold: For those clients who want the full tattooed, bold brow effect, remove the tint after the maximum application time of 15-20 minutes.

5. To make the eyebrows look even more amazing. We put a sharp line with the Brow Micro Concealer under the lower brow line, which we then blend out with the Blending Brush.

To finish the look we set the brows in the desired shape with the Brow Control. And you are ready to go!

Below is a video of the Hybrid dye treatment.  


Aftercare for dyed eyebrows

Do not clean the dyed eyebrows until at least 12 hours after the treatment. Use as few cleansing products as possible. Oil-based skin care products and scrubs will also make the color fade faster. To protect the skin, you can use our Supercilium Defense Balm. This also contains an SPF 30 and is specially designed to be used over henna brows, hybrid brows and pmu brows.  

The art of brow creation

Eyebrow correction is more than just picking and coloring hairs. It is a true art that is mastered through many years of experience and thousands of eyebrow sessions. In addition to practical skills, you must value the client and have excellent communication skills. Your job is to make your client feel confident and create beautiful eyebrows that last.  

My personal tip 

A personal tip from me is keep practicing and mixing different colors with each other. Eventually this is the way you will get more knowledge and experience with choosing the right color for your clients. 


Our full Brow and lash range

Prefer all the products you need in one kit? Then the Lash & Brow Dye Kit is your best friend. Would you rather buy the colors separately? You can find them here

First of all the Prep Peel Gel is a must if you want to create a beautiful result on the skin.

If you're having trouble creating the perfect brow shape then the Brow Paste is a lifesaver. By mapping the brows already you create a nice template and it saves you a lot of time during the dyeing process.

My all-time favorite is the Supercilium Defense Balm. Definitely a must in the summer months when you have just finished shaping your eyebrows. The best part about this balm is that it can be smeared over henna and hybrid dyed eyebrows.

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