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About our products

The best friend of a brow product is an eyebrow brush. And Supercilium gives you the best eyebrow brushes to create the perfect brow look. Every celebrity makeup artist swear by our eyebrow brush collection. Our collection contains different types of brushes - starting from angled brush to concealer brush, making it easy for any brow transformation. The best part is that the brush is made of the softest synthetic bristles which makes it easy to glide over the skin and brow hairs. Just pop the brushes you need in your makeup bag and rock those brows anytime, anywhere! 

Let’s talk about different type of eyebrow brush in our collection:  

Medium Angled Brow Brush

The Medium Angled Brow Brush is a high-quality brush with synthetic hair, copper ferrule and wooden handle that will help to dye the best henna brows. This angled brush suitable for eyebrow make-up like brow powders and pomade. With this angled brush, every brow will turn into a high definition wow-brow.

Small Angled & Spoolie brush: 

This is a dual ended eyebrow brush that has a small angled brush one one side and a spoolie brush on the other. The angled brush and the spoolie side is a must have combo for full brows. Start with the angled brush to define and end with the spoolie side for brushing them. 

Fine Liner

With the Fine Liner eyebrow brush, you can make hair like strokes and fill in your sparse areas.  It has synthetic hair and pointed tip designed to create the most thin and defined lines for your nice brow look. Create the straightest edges during the Brow Henna process with this liner. Perfect to dye the tail of the brows or create the outer lines of the brow. 

Concealer Brush

This multi-use Concealer Brush is a flat brush which is the perfect tool for giving brows high definition with the use of concealer. It goes well with the White Paste and very suitable for tinting and using make up for bolder brows. We made all the brushes with short hairs. This will help to create sharp lines and defined edges. With this Concealer Brush you make every brow pop! 

Silicon Lamination Brush

The Silicon Brush is a great brush that every brow artist needs to have to perfectly Glaze and Laminate the eyebrow. With this brush you don’t need any single use applicators because the Silicon Brush is made from the best materials so it can be used over and over again.

Blending Brush

With this blending brush you can get full brows. Supercilium brushes are made with the highest quality synthetic hair and specially designed to make every eyebrow pop. Also use a concealer on the upper part of the eyebrow for extra definition! It is the same process as the under part of the brow. 

Highlighter brush: 

Use the Highlighter Brush with a highlighter and gives great brow results after a brow treatment. The round size, the small of the brush and soft hairs make this brush perfect for highlighting eyebrows.

Spoolie brush: 

This is a basic tool works a lash shaper. Groom hairs with this brush anytime. This is a high quality brush so it can be used over and over.

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